About US

Hangzhou Seeming-Good vehicles Co.,Ltd,located in Jiande Cicy,Zhejiang province,China. As leading company in the market of spokes and nipples and it counts among its customers the most important bycicle and motorcycle producers in the world. Was founded by Mr Hu Xiumin in 1996,the original company name called Mr Hu _ nipples factory,in the first decade, focus on produce nipples for bycicles and motorcycles. In 2010,we developed new product of spokes for bycicle and motorcycle.in the same year,changed the company name to Jiande city Minda Vehchles Co.,Ltd. After over 20 years running,the company constant focus to the research and innovation activities led to the development of new products.due to expand produce to hub,rim,spoke complete wheel and hardware, in 2019,we registed Hangzhou Seeming-Good vehicles Co.,Ltd. Our products have a number of technical patents, passed the third party certification and the ISO9001 international quality system certification. Most of the products have our own brand—"Minda”. Since 2018,we developed our own motorcycle racing team, our racing drivers driving the motocycle which used our own prodcuts on all kinds of motorcycle races.the Minda brand became famous all over the world thanks to the success obtained in the racing and competition activities.then,this revolutionary product reached also the streets and the on-road motorcycles as a high-quality and tailor-made aftermarket accessory.

Founded on
National Key R&D Program